Friday, July 11, 2014


I have a theory. Those babies that we so lovingly bring into the world, and hold and cherish with the upmost care, are so adoringly cute for a reason. Why you ask? So we can think back on those wonderful times when they turn into those tall, walking and talking creatures full of hormones and attitude, and in the case of girls tears. The loss of sleep and the dirty bottoms of babyhood seems nothing to me anymore, a vacation before the real stuff began. The scrapes, bruises, and messes of childhood seemed to be a warm up period before the action. Oh the trials and tribulations of parenting a teenage girl...

Quirky has been testing her limits lately, and trying both Dorks and my patience. Some things are more annoying than anything, like her obsession with this one particular boy that helps out her Dad from time to time. She can go from smiles and practically skipping one minute to a face flooded with tears at the mere sight of this boy...she doesn't know what to do with all those feelings. It seems recently though that she was coming to terms with this, she and the boy were on friendly terms. Talking and waving, if not the best of friends. I breathed a sigh of relief, things were going to be ok. I wasn't going to go nuts trying to control meltdowns from a hormonal, autistic teenage girl with unrequited love. Too soon it turns out. Last night, while visiting with Dork at his job, a new boy walked by us, and I looked up to see Quirky's face flooded with tears. We made a quick escape to the bathroom to calm her down and talk it out. Through tears and hiccups, she confessed her new love for the boy, "Mom, I can't help it! He looks just like Harry Styles." Oh we go again.