Friday, February 25, 2011

Juice Box or Beat Box?

I have to start this post by saying my husband is such a dork. I love him...he's my dork...but a dork none the less. I also have to mention that between the fact that he is a dork and I am a completely nerd our child...had no choice but to be quirky. Aspergers aside...chances are she would still be quirky. So what happens when you get quirky and dork together at the dinner table? A lot of silliness and lots of laughter.

It starts (as it usually does) with a harmless question. What do you want to drink? Simple enough right. Well yes...and no. First talking with Quirky means accepting a delayed response...letting the mouth catch up with the ears kind of thing. We are used to it and no we are not always patient (we are human after all) while waiting. I tell you all of this only to emphasize that for tonight the response came quicker than normal and well dork...well I guess sometimes he just can't help but be a comedian.
A juice box. Quick response. We are set. Ready to eat. No waiting or coaxing for an answer. Things can move on. Nope. Enter Dork. "Are you sure you don't want a beat box?" (picture dork making horrible rapping noises) Quirky looks at Dork. "A juice box." Giggles "A beat box?" (more horrible rap imitation) "juice box" giggles "beat box" (more rap) "juice box" giggles. This could go on forever; but it doesn't. I am guessing hunger won out over the need to make his daughter smile. Not that the giggles stopped!
All this may seem pretty mundane to some people. So what you were joking around with your kid...lots of people do that. For us though this is a sign of great means that she is FLEXIBLE. No small feat for a kid with Aspergers. Its so easy to become rigid in your routine and your responses to a change in that routine can be a little stressful. In other words this whole beat box vs. juice box could have gone a whole different route and not neccessarily a happy one.
Lucky for us (Nerd and Quirky) we have Dork around. Dork manages to remind me not to take things too seriously (I have been known to do this on occassion) and he manages to help make Quirky a little more flexible. Because when Dork is just never know what is going to happen.