Monday, March 28, 2011

I have to say...

... that sometimes Quirky just cracks me up. She is just so funny...and she doesn't even know it. What do I mean you say...give you examples? Well OK if you insist.

At dinner tonight Dork was telling us that he had passed a friend of ours while driving home. She was outside in her shorts and a t-shirt in the freezing cold. Dork and I were amazed that somebody was crazy enough to being outside dressed like that in this weather. Not Quirky....all she did was shake her head, roll her eyes and say "Teenagers". Dork and I rolled with laughter....where does she get this stuff?

Just when we had finally stopped laughing...I asked Quirky if she knew the password to something we've been working on together. Sure Mom she said. "Its dot dot dot dot dot dot dot..." Once again Dork and I found ourselves rolling with laughter.

After we finally stopped laughing....again Quirky looked at both of us and said, "I know. I know. Go ahead and crack me." Huh? Dork and I were confused...then she explained. "I'm just a silly nut you know!"

Like I said sometimes she just cracks me up.