Monday, March 14, 2011

I've been suckered...

That's right I've been suckered...into letting Quirky sleep with me while Dork is away. Bad idea...bad idea...BAD IDEA. I know this yet I fall for this every time. Why? I really don't know. I wish I did. Maybe it's her cute little face...maybe its because a kid who doesn't really like to be touched wants to be close to mom. I really just don't know. What I do know is that I've been down this road before and I know where it leads yet I keeping taking this route. I must be crazy...

Does Quirky snuggle? No.
She kicks like a maniac and practically takes over the entire bed. Its like I'm wrestling a bear or something just trying to get those long arms and legs on her side of the bed. That's when she sleeping.
If that's not bad enough let factor in the fact that her melatonin (she takes nightly just to get her to go to sleep) apparently doesn't work after 4:00. She's up and wide awake. Me? I was asleep. Key word...was.
The thing is Quirky has the weird phobia about Nerd (AKA Mom) closing her eyes. Can't close them for more than a blink...if I do and she is around panic sets in. She starts crying and I feel guilty for having made her cry. So at 4:00 AM you guessed eyes were shut.
Quirky freaks out kicks me and I wake up to find teary eyes Quirky just on the bridge of panic. I'm exhausted...I muster what little patience I have...just enough to manage not to scream,"LEAVE ME ALONE!" and to instead to slide her legs back to her side tell her calmly, "Close your eyes." and roll over. I hope that one if she closes her eyes she won't see that mine are shut too and two if I roll over she won't see that my eyes are closed. Wrong and wrong. Somehow she knows...I can feel the eyes boring into the back of my head. So I rolled back over and tried to get her to go back to sleep.
This tiring situation continues for the rest of the night and when morning comes I find myself feeling like I have just lost a marathon and then got run over by a bicycle race (the entire group...not just one bicycle). Quirky on the other hand is raring to fact she really has been raring to go since 4:00 AM.
To top all of this off...right now in my bed is Quirky because last night was apparently not enough punishment for myself...I've volunteered for some more.