Saturday, March 12, 2011

Unexpected "Sightings"

I was supposed to by tickets to the ballet. I forgot. What's Nerd to do when Quirky is expecting a fun trip to the ballet? Hope that today is a flexible day and try something different. We went to a movie instead...a 3D movie at that. Loud music and images jumping out of the screen. It was enough to make me want to throw up and hours later I still have a headache. Quirky...breezed through it with flying colors. The whole change of plans...the loud noise...the 3D. Everything...well up until it was time to go.

Then we looked over and a girl is waving at us. She's smiling and waving and calling her name. Oh no. Not not good. What? You say. Quirky has a major problem with seeing people out of place (I.E. seeing her teacher in a grocery store can mean a giant meltdown) and when I know we will see someone out of place I prepare her way in advance....We are going to *****we will probably see ***** that is OK.
What is about running into someone we know in public that makes Quirky so freaked out. I wish I knew. I always feel so bad and so helpless when Quirky will not acknowledge a person (especially a classmate) and even worse when said encounter turns into a major meltdown.
Did the said encounter result in Quirky saying hello or even waving? Sadly no. Only myself waving like a lunatic and hoping that I can make it out of the theater before the freak out begins. I am lucky today...she does not cry or turn her body into petrified stone turning stiff and unmovable and unmanageable. She holds my hand and we walk out calmly. In my car I breath again. She did not wave but she did not steps I remind myself.