Friday, June 3, 2011

In the Pink

MMMM.... What is more embarrassing to think about...Wearing Dork's pink underwear?...or not being able to wear Dork's pink underwear because my behind is just too big to fit? What am I talking about you ask? Well...
Last night as I was tucking Quirky in bed she reminded me that I had yet to wash her favorite bed buddy...Miss Ladybug. A pillow pet that thanks to Grandma Quirky is the proud owner of. She loves it...talks to it...makes it talk to us...and is fascinated by the fact that it can be washed. I had been wondering how long it would take before she wanted me to wash it...longer that I expected. In truth I think she got it dirty on looks like she wiped her dirty hands on its face. Anyway I digress none of this is what is so funny or so downright Quirky.
Her response to my admittedly too detailed explanation of why I had not washed Miss Ladybug is what had me laughing so hard. It was just such a simple solution...and just so Quirky.
 My explanation?  I only had whites and light colored clothes and that Miss Ladybug being bright red was not "safe" to wash with those clothes because she might turn everything pink. "You don't want Dad to have pink underwear do you?" I asked. She looked at me. Her face so matter of fact and replied..."Dad could just give them to you to wear." Like I said simple problem...simple solution.