Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sibling Rivalry?

"BUT SHE STARTED IT!" Oh those dreaded words that most every parent hears when their children fight and argue...wait a minute...Quirky is an only child. So who just exactly am I talking about? Well...

Dork of course. Well Dork and Quirky that is. Lets just say that some days Dork is a little more in tuned with his inner child than most people. We were at Target {where quite frankly you can find us a counts for entertainment in our small town :)} We hadn't been there long...but I'm guessing it had been long enough for my two "kids" and they were starting to get they were goofing off...causing chaos...picking at each other...driving me nuts. I waited...I knew it would time spills over and turns into "Hey...he or she...." You get the point. You may have heard these lines before. What is a Nerd to do when her Dork and Quirky kid just do not know how to behave in public? Read them the riot act of course. So if you happened to have been in Target in my neck of the woods you might have seen this....A somewhat short lady...looking eye to eye to a quickly growing girl and up at her husband...a bit frazzled and at her wits end saying...."I DON'T CARE WHO STARTED IT!!! YOU TWO HAD BETTER BEHAVE OR ELSE! (and for the Dork of course) YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE THE ADULT! "
AAAAAHHHHH!!! So for all you other parents out their who have multiple children please don't tell me how easy it is for me with just my one child. Because some days Dork counts for at least two extra.