Thursday, January 17, 2013

So...How was your morning?

How was mine? Well, since you asked...

Me: Looking at kid lying face down on carpet. Why are you lying down?
Quirky: Because.
Me: Because of what?
Quirky: That.
Me: Ok. That what?
Quirky: Case.
Me: Long sigh...ponder in head how iPod case made kid fall over. Give up...make bad decision to start school.
Me half hour later: Spend fifteen minutes trying to explain that multiplication problems don't morph into division problems halfway through working.
Me one hour later: Stop class to draw her attention away from the lines on her knuckles and back to subject at hand.
Me two hours later: Watch as she stares in space pretending to read assignment.

Big Sigh.

So....How was your morning?