Monday, June 10, 2013

Pinterest lunch...

Quirky and I have found our new favorite quick and easy lunch. I have Pinterest to thank...well sort of.
You see I've been making crust less mini quiches for years for our lunch. They are quick to put together and once in the oven takes no effort on my other words the perfect lunch when you have to be both teacher and chef. Then, Pinterest came along with all of its beautiful pictures and ideas and well...there it was. Almost like the quiche I've made a hundred times for Quirky but some genius decided to use sliced ham for a crust. I'm not a fan of ham and neither is Quirky so we used thinly sliced turkey instead. She prefers hers with just cheese but I sprinkled mine with cayenne pepper and then a spoonful of salsa once they were out of the oven. So really it was just the mini quiche again but with a meat crust...heart healthy? Probably not. Delicious...definitely. 

Really no recipe is necessary...but if you are really really one of those people who has to have directions then go check out, she has done a beautiful job of explaining it.