Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Making Apple Apple Pies...

Ok...I apparently forgot to hit post back when I wrote this.  Well anyway here it is now. 

Quirky and I love the taste of apple pie. In fact saying the word in my head makes my mouth water. We love them so much that most trips to Mc Donald's end with an apple pie. To be honest though at $1.15 for two small pies they are really not that cheap...especially when you consider how cheap, easy, and fun they are to make on your own. So that's what we did...and we'll sorry McDonald's...you may not be getting our apple pie business anymore. Hope it doesn't bring down the business :) So how did we make our Apple Apple Pie?

First we diced our apples into small chunks.
Then we seasoned our apples with cinnamon and brown sugar.
Next with just a small amount of butter we microwaved our apples until the butter was melted.
Then we stirred all that deliciousness together and tried not to eat straight from the bowl.

Next we made our pie dough...
First we added our flour with a little cinnamon and touch of sugar mixed in.

Then we added our melted butter ( normally when I make pie crust I don't use melted butter but this way is easier for Quirky to mix )

After the dough was completely mixed up when rolled it out nice and flat.
Then using an apple shaped template that we had cut from parchment paper when cut out our pie crusts.

Next we put our little Apple Apple Pies together to bake....

Really most of this is self explanatory....

Lay the bottom crust down and fill with apple mixture.
Lay top crust over apple mixture, stretching slightly if needed so that dough edges line up.
Seal edges with fork.

OK...here's a couple of things. First the melted butter dough seems to be tougher to me...or maybe it was because Quirky beat that dough into to submission. Truly we really over worked the dough...pie crust doesn't like to be man handled. I just didn't have the heart to stop her...she was having so much fun. Second...I forgot to brush an egg wash over the edges of the crust to help seal them. It wasn't a big deal...some of the edges did pop open. It only hit me as I sat here typing...oh yeah Grandma always brushed the edges with egg. Last...Don't take your geriatric dog outside for a potty break if your pies are almost ready. Geriatric dogs walk slow...ovens don't remove pies by themselves...which leads to slightly over baked pies. All in all these we're delicious and well more importantly...fun to do together.