Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Food of Giant Proportions...a Harry Potter inspired Math Project

Food of Giant Proportions Project
I think I might have mentioned that Quirky is a Harry Potter fanatic...I mean fan. To that end I am milking that excitement for every bit of educational opportunity that I can, even for math when I can figure out a way to work it in. I had seen the flat examples of this type of project before on Pinterest and remember doing them as a child when I was in school, but to me they are just another poster. Not that I have anything against posters, but I wanted something a little more challenging and interesting for Quirky to work on. Then it hit me one night
while we watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone...Hagrid...food of GIANT PROPORTIONS. So I decided to have her choose any boxed or can food item that she wanted and she had to scale it up twice the normal size, since Hagrid is twice the size of a normal man. Then she had to create a scaled model of her food choice. To make it even more interesting and challenging, she had to scale up the dietary information on the side. She was excited about making food for Hagrid and worked really hard on her project. There were a couple of times that she got a little frustrated, but she kept at it and other than a few minor mistakes it turned our pretty good.
Food of Giant Proportions 2