Tuesday, April 29, 2014

iTunes University, Introduction to Comics Class

Comic Strip Art

Quirky loves drawing comics, has been drawing them since she saw her first one in the Sunday newspaper with her Grandmother. So when I ran across a class in iTunes University called Introduction to Comics that was taught Jim Davies, the artist who produces Garfield and other artists as well, I jumped on it.
It is consists mostly of short instructional video clips and is geared mostly toward younger kids, but she absorbed every bit of information that she could from each of the videos. She practiced and practiced the techniques that they covered and I have see growth in her drawings everyday.
You may recognize this character from The MisAdventures of Oscar Fido.
These photos really do not do her justice, it was not until she sat down and began sketching beyond the "assignments" that I saw just how much she had truly listened. She has a few comic strips that she has been working on an has expressed a wish to publish them one day. The artwork is pretty great, but she still needs to work on her content. Overall this was a great mini-class and well worth the price...FREE!
Exploring action techniques, including onomatopoeia.
Super Oscar...a story in the works.
Time Traveling?