Saturday, April 19, 2014

Pinterest Inspired...Mirror Erised Character Analysis

Character Analysis Projects
You might say that Quirky is bit of a Harry Potter fan...oh, who am I kidding she and I both are Harry Potter nuts. There is not a day goes by that at least one Harry Potter movie quote does not come out of Quirky's mouth...whether it fits the conversation or not. She has both the Lego games and at least a couple of times a week she is begging for me to play with her. Truthfully...she doesn't have to beg hard.  There is no way I am going to pass up the opportunity to curl up on the couch and spend time with her. However up until this year Quirky had never actually read the books. She is a great reader and loves to read, but is a slow reader. She just could not finish the books before they were due back to the library. So ...

this year Dork and I went out and bought the books and she has been reading ever since. She is currently working on the third book. I love watching and listening as she reads ( she reads out loud to me for 30 to 45 minutes daily). 
For the first book we worked on character analysis and took an idea from Pinterest and made it our own. ( I would love to credit this person but the link in Pinterest only goes to a if this is your idea let me know. I want to give credit where credit is due.) 
 The original idea had students creating their own Mirror of Erised, and talking about their own hearts desires.  I thought how great it would be to use the mirror as a tool to discuss both the obvious traits and the not so obvious traits of a character. So taking that thought I had her create a "Mirror of Erised" for Ron, Hermione, and Harry. On the outside of the mirror she had to talk about obvious character traits, such as how the character looks and acts. Information that could be gained just by reading carefully. On the inside of the mirror, she had to dig a little deeper, and sketch out what she thought each character might have felt. What were the things that they thought about? 
I was proud of how well she did...understanding feelings is not necessarily Quirky's strong point, so asking her to analyze what a character in a book feels was a lot to ask. She took the project in stride and did her best and well, I think they turned our wonderful. What do you think?