Sunday, April 20, 2014

"I want to Dance...

... all night to the best song ever...blah blah blah", over and over in my head the words keep playing my head. Sometimes they are mixed up in some weird combo with "you don't know your beautiful". Why may you ask does this crazy woman have parts of One Direction songs stuck in her head? Mainly because Dork and I just spent several hours
(ok...I might be exaggerating) watching a movie about their lives with Quirky. Dork may or may not have napped through great portions of it. I browsed Pinterest and picked up enough to realize that I am old and have been a parent a very long time. The footage of the girls screaming about drove me loud! The footage of their pranks and mischief made me nervous...those boys are going to get hurt...and Quirky don't you try that. The footage about one giving his mom a house...almost made me cry...she must be "sniff..sniff" so proud. Mostly though, for me it is fun to see Quirky doing something so typically teenage girl. She is a huge fan and thinks they are just the cutest things ever. Their posters adorn her walls and she sings their songs to herself when she thinks no one is listening. The mere mention of the band can turn face a vivid shade of red, which Dork thinks is hilarious. For me, it's nice not to think about something in terms of autism but just be able to say..."teenagers!"