Monday, June 2, 2014

Comic Strip Class Final Project

If you have read this post, iTunes University Introduction to Comics Class, then you know that Quirky completed a mini course on iTunes University about comic strip art. Nothing fancy but she has taken what she has learned to heart and has put it to  great use for her final project. Since we have alternating between music appreciation and art units, this will be one of the last two projects we complete for this school year.

Her assignment was to take the techniques she learned and create a full color comic strip, complete with new characters and a storyline. The picture is before she added the text, but still shows what a beautiful job did with her work. I gave her the option of using Watercolors or colored pencils, and she chose to colored pencils for this project. Her story line was extremely silly and I am sure will work its way into an Oscar Fido story sooner or later.

She is beginning to show understanding of shadow placement, which is great. I am still trying to convince her that it is ok to add in details to things such as walls or even clothing, but no dice...wouldn't even hear of it. The characters were supposed to be completely new, but I have a sneaky suspicion here...the "cat" looks a great deal like Oscar Fido from our blog,, and the woman looks suspiciously like the woman I see in the mirror everyday. Oh well. Overall, I think she did a beautiful job. Wouldn't you agree?