Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sixth Grade Math Notebook

As I was cleaning out our school room the other day I ran across Quirky's math notes from Sixth Grade. I had completely forgotten that we still had them.  I talk about it here only because of the unusual way that she took her math notes. It was just creative enough to keep her interest piqued for the school year.

For Quirky math is both her least favorite and most difficult class. She struggles.  It is very hard to keep her attention or get her inspired to learn. Of course we do lots of hands on, using manipulative to work examples, but sometimes you just have to take notes. Not always fun, but often a necessary part of education. So for sixth grade math, to mix it up a bit, we ditched the traditional notebook and used a variety of different bulletin board shapes that we found at either the dollar store or our local school supply store. 

Each topic, such as fractions, decimals, or multiplication, were on different shapes. We connected them all together using a jump ring. On each shape she wrote steps on how to complete certain types of math problems and wrote out examples to go with each. When she needed to study for a test, she simply pulled off the section she needed and used them as study cards. 

I'm really glad that I found them, tucked in the bottom of one school totes, because this year I plan on using them as a quick way to review material that we shouldn't need to spend to much time on. Who knows maybe I'll try this technique again this year.