Friday, March 11, 2011

Let me tell you a story...

a fairytale...of sorts. A few years back my beautiful Quirky daughter was integrated into public school after being homeschooled (and no that is not what the story is about). A few weeks into the whole being in public school thing she asked, "Mom, Why don't you look pretty like the other Moms?" After swallowing my hurt feelings and my bruised ego I answered her with some vague comments about not judging people by their appearance....blah...blah...blah (or at least I am sure that is what she heard)

After her question though it got me to thinking. I had been letting my looks go...the curse of the stay-at-home Mom had hit. In my head I could see all the working mothers dressed up and well kept heading to their jobs...I paled in comparison.  I no longer wore make up and rarely wore anything other than jeans or sweatpants. I was looking horrible...and worse of all I had been embarrassing my own daughter. I was ashamed...but I had a plan.
No I didn't start strutting around in high heels and dresses (that's just nuts...I am a stay-at-home Mom after all) but I did start making sure to fix my hair, put on a little make up and wear my best jeans. (I am a jeans kind of girl...I just can't change that) I spent several weeks doing this getting up early to make sure I was presentable before I took her to school and was presentable when I picked her up.
Of course Quirky did not notice the changes...I finally had to ask. "Quirky, Doesn't Mom look pretty now? Do I look more like the other Moms?" "NO." HUH? WHAT? OK so long story short...we can't drag this out forever. I wait patiently for Quirky to explain...OK so not so patiently really because I soon ask, "What do you mean??"
Luck was on my side and Quirky actually pulling out one of her Barbie movies..."like this Mom. You never look pretty like this." This time I smiled and swallowed my laughter...and was embarrassed by my vanity.
Why do I bring this up today? Because this morning when I woke I dressed myself in sweatpants...forgot the makeup...and wearing tennis shoes and sunglasses walked my daughter into the school for all the world to see. I didn't care and Quirky survived the embarrassment....I'll wear my tiara tomorrow :)