Friday, September 16, 2011

Flashback Friday.....Eating

I bet you think that this post is going to be about how Quirky was a terrible eater. So picky that all I could get her to eat was cheese puffs and cornflakes or some other disgusting combination. Maybe you are hoping that it is and that I have found that miracle cure for that dreaded "disease" called the picky eater. Well....

You would be wrong...and if you were hoping for a miracle cure sorry to disappoint. Nope. Quirky is and always has been a great eater. She eats a variety of fruits and vegetables and some meats. She loves milk, cheese and yogurt. Yes like most kids she loves sweets but all the good far out ways the bad.
Quirky's eating habits though are not really where the flashback comes from. Its my eating...or being able to eat in peace or even finish my own meal. You see when Quirky was little she always wanted my matter how much I gave her on her plate. She would grab for it...cry for it. This is pretty typical toddler stuff...but it persisted for Quirky way past the toddler stages.
For me it was really annoying and was probably the best diet plan in the world. Give up over half all food that you planned on eating and you are bound to lose weight. Don't feel too sorry for me I did manage to hiding in the bathroom and shoving whatever I could grab quickly into my mouth. I looked like a crazed squirrel trying to get all the nuts before anybody else. It was ridiculous. Often I did this to the screams of Quirky just outside the door...sometimes even to the howls of our dogs (we had two at the time) who were howling because she was crying.
To answer your it wasn't because we didn't feed her enough. She ate and still eats all the time. Her metabolism is through the roof...she eats more than I do! She eats like hobbits. (for you Lord of the Rings nerds) So more often that not my sandwich had one bite out of it before I handed it over. My cereal barely touched before I handed it over. Half my dinner given up.
 So I spent the early years of living with Quirky doing the exact opposite of most moms...I wasn't finishing her meals she was finishing mine. Seems funny was kind of funny then...standing in the bathroom shoving peanut butter sandwiches down my face.
I thought about those days today as I sat across from Quirky at our little kitchen table eating lunch together. No cries or grabs for my food. No howling dogs. No guilt as I eat my food. Just us...eating together...enjoying our lunch. The menu hasn't changed much...peanut butter sandwiches and tomato soup but the atmosphere has improved greatly.