Friday, March 23, 2012

Flashback Friday.....Grooving to the Music

           Just about a half hour ago I sat in my favorite chair flipping through the pages of a newly arrived magazine and glancing out of the corner of my eye at Quirky. Dancing. No...Dancing is not quite the right word. Let's see...what does she call it?

Oh yeah...getting ganky. Is ganky a word? I'm not really sure. What I do know is that many years ago when we were first going through the whole chaos of diagnosis...denial...and acceptance I was told by the "experts" that kids with high functioning autism and Aspergers tending to be uncoordinated and klutzy. I could say that I was devastated and that all my hopes of a having given birth to a prima ballerina were crushed...I'd be lying. All I had to say was SO?  The fact that her mom daily trips over the carpet despite it having been in the house the entire time we have been here...and still managed to be a cheerleader made me want to shout "WHO CARES...Let's talk about this whole NOT TALKING THING OK!!!"
           Flash forward several years and here we are. Quirky getting ganky to the music of Just Dance 3. Uncoordinated...klutzy? I think not, despite any genetics she may have received from my end. (Honestly...walking without tripping over my own two feet can be a serious challenge) Nope...not Quirky. She is a dancing maniac...barely missing a step and thanks to her abundance of energy never wanting to stop. I am happy. Why? Because she is happy for one...but mostly because despite what "experts" and books tell you that who your child is and what they can and can't do... its not set in stone. Her possibilities are endless...I'm just here to watch the magic happen.